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Estate planning is crucial in ensuring that the ones you love are taken care of in the manner that you wish and the assets you have accumulated throughout your life are properly distributed. Thorough estate planning provides for the eventual dispersal of an estate and can eliminate uncertainties about the way in which an estate is administered. If done correctly, is it also possible to maximize the value of an estate by reducing taxes and expenses accrued during legal processes. There are many documents and proceedings necessary in the planning of an estate and it can become overwhelming.

The experienced Estate Planning Attorneys at Lancer Law Firm are committed to helping our clients and their families plan for a better future. No matter what the size of your estate, your family, or your assets, an effective estate plan has many practical and cost-effective benefits. It also allows you the peace of mind of avoiding familial conflict during an already difficult situation.

If you are considering a plan for your Tucson estate, please call us for a consultation with one of our dedicated and experienced Estate Planning Attorneys at (520) 549-2276 or email [email protected]

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Estate Planning 101

When people hear the term “estate planning,” they may imagine that this is a luxury reserved for wealthy individuals with lots of assets. However, many couples and individuals may benefit from some estate planning, regardless of the size and complexity of their estate. Another hang-up people commonly have is that they figure that estate planning is too complex and decide that whatever the benefits of planning ahead may be, they are outweighed by the headache inducing process of slogging through an estate plan. But many estates can be planned using relatively simple devices that may save your loved ones invaluable time and money in the long run. This short introduction to the topic of estate law in Arizona should serve to familiarize visitors with some of the most basic concepts in estate law and demystify what can be an intimidating topic. Read More

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In the wake of the latest real estate tsunami, survivor homeowners desperately cling on to the flotsam of bad mortgages and declining home values, where each month they are battered by yet another wave of payments.  The rescue ship of economic recovery is nowhere to be seen, hope fades, and these survivors give in to a suffocating fate – foreclosure. Read More

What you should know about Estate Planning

 As anyone familiar with the old adage well knows, life throws us curveballs that we can’t anticipate or predict. While thinking about our final days isn’t a subject we don’t often take time to think about, it is something that we have to plan for. Life is uncertain. Having an estate plan isn’t only for the wealthy or elderly — everyone should have one.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is commonly thought of as a final will, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Your estate plan can also include a trust agreement for your assets, as well as financial, tax, business, and medical plans in the event that you become unable to make those decisions yourself or pass away. Read More