The attorneys at Lancer Law Firm seek to avoid litigation whenever possible because doing so is typically in the best interest of the client. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, disputes can arise when administering a trust or a probate estate and litigation can become necessary. A variety of parties can be involved in estate and trust disputes: beneficiaries, trustees, heirs, executors, personal representatives, conservators, guardians, wards, protected persons, et al. With so many people involved and their separate desires and ideas, things can get out of hand quickly when attempting to handle estate and trust matters.

Additionally, estate and trust litigation can be complex, and it often has significant overlap with other legal practice areas. Following is a list of estate and trust litigation issues that commonly arise:

• Will contests
• Breach of fiduciary duty claims
• Fiduciary liability
• Undue influence
• Conservatorships and guardianships disputes
• Agents misconduct under power of attorney
• Trust disputes
• Fraud and fraudulent transfers
• Lack of capacity
• Elder law disputes
• Beneficiary disputes
• Accounting contests
• Removal of fiduciary
• Actions for partition
• Disputing creditor claims
• Fee disputes

Because trust and estates can be complicated, it is best to seek the advice of a trained estate planning attorney. Between a strong knowledge of the laws as well as remaining an unbiased advocate for your interests regardless of the other parties’ influences, an estate planning attorney is always the best option when faced with estate or trust issues.  

The estate and trust litigation attorneys at Lancer Law Firm combine their knowledge of probate with years of court-room experience, and work with a range of clients, from individuals and their families to entity clients like corporate trustees. Estate and trust litigation can be emotionally-charged and high-stakes, especially when a significant amount of money is involved or the dispute is between family members. At Lancer Law Firm, we can help. Excellence is our standard. Call today for a consultation!