Elder Law is a broad term used to encompass many of the issues and corresponding legal matters that are relevant to those of the aging population. Elder Law attorneys act as both advisers and advocates, both planners and litigators. Much of Elder Law is dedicated to creating an effective plan for the clients and their loved ones. All of the following practice areas fall under the Elder Law umbrella:

Good Elder Law attorneys recognize that planning ahead is the key to avoiding potential future problems, but they also have the experience and expertise to act as zealous advocates in and out of court when necessary. The Tucson, Arizona Elder Law attorneys at Lancer Law Firm embody this. Lancer Law attorneys build strong relationships with clients through compassion, trust, and professional expertise, assisting seniors, people with special needs and their families in navigating a wide variety of Elder Law issues. If you or someone you love has an Elder Law question, call the attorneys at Lancer Law Firm today for a consultation at (520) 352-0008 or email [email protected]