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Our legal practice focuses on estate planning, real estate and business transactions and litigation. Our team's experience includes, among other things: living and last wills; trusts; guardianship; power of attorney; probate; elder law; estate and trust litigation; and general legal counsel.


With almost 80 years of combined experience and education in real estate, business, and law, the diverse backgrounds of HSH attorneys allows us to advocate on your behalf effectively, and across many legal areas.


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Tucson Estate Planning

Estate planning is crucial in ensuring that the ones you love are taken care of in the manner that you wish and the assets you have accumulated throughout your life are properly distributed. Thorough estate planning provides for the eventual dispersal of an estate and can eliminate uncertainties about the way in which an estate is administered. If done correctly, is it also possible to maximize the value of an estate by reducing taxes and expenses accrued during legal processes. There are many documents and proceedings necessary in the planning of an estate and it can become overwhelming.

The experienced Estate Planning Attorneys at Giordano Spanier & Heckele Law Firm are committed to helping our clients and their families plan for a better future. No matter what the size of your estate, your family, or your assets, an effective estate plan has many practical and cost-effective benefits. It also allows you the peace of mind of avoiding familial conflict during an already difficult situation.

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